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    I was just the manager at pita pit for four months and it was the worst experience and job employment that I have ever had! For starters, the employees do not actually receive the tips that are collected at the front counter so don't bother leaving a tip unless it's a sarcastic remark. Secondly, to save on costs, unfortunately the veggies that are up front you are about to put on your pita could potentially have fallen on the ground once and rinsed off to be put back in that bin and used for following pitas. Foremost, when I was employed there I tried to call in sick and was made to sit there helping customers in between throwing up right in front of where we prep vegetables as per the owners instructions! To top things off, my final interaction with pita pit which involved me picking up my final check and collecting my lost tips that mysteriously went missing, to which the owner denied giving me a reason as to where it went, next she then turns it around and accuses me of taking the money however she had been given the tips in view of the camera weeks back. So again they avoided the explanation of where the tips had went, she then asked me to leave the store as she said I was causing a scene but I intentionally brought two people with me to be witnesses of how I was being treated, one being an ex-employee who had a similar experience. (as to mention we did all walk out willingly due to this treatment, unprofessionalism and overall bullshit treatment.
    By CELESTE V, December 16, 2017
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    Slowly going downhill. Need to put more effort into presentation, good, atmosphere and everything about the place. Used to go there all the time, one of my favourite small town coffee shops but I am very very disappointed with it lately.
    By Aly, September 26, 2017
  • Great food at great prices.
    By Matt Clogg, July 06, 2017

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